Pre-conference Workshops

1:00pm – 3:00pm

W01. Writing and Publishing for the Profession: Finding Your Muse and Fighting Your Resistance
Location: Library 0001, Lower Level

Susanne Markgren, Purchase College, SUNY
Our profession depends on sharing, communicating, and learning from others. We need our librarians to offer ideas, suggestions, and research that will inform the rest of us and lead us into the future. Fortunately, the processes and the production of professional writing can be interpreted with broad strokes and in a variety of ways. It is quite easy to start out small, to dip your feet in, and slowly ease your way into writing and publishing for the profession. This hands-on workshop will explore ways to begin a practice of writing, and offer advice on how to stay motivated and productive. Bring your ideas, and your notebooks.

W02. Creative Energies for Library Programming  |  web site
Location: Library 1014, First Floor

Carol Anne Germain, & Laurie Dreyer, University at Albany, SUNY
Library programming is essential for educational, social and cultural outreach and enhances community engagement. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to plan, organize, create, publicize, present and supervise a broad range of library programs for all types of audiences.  This session provides the basics for networking (to learn about local programs); marketing (to promote your library programs); and collaborating (to share your programs with other libraries and organizations).

W03. Add Dimension to Your Teaching with Instructional Design and Reflection
Location: Library 1004C, First Floor

Anne Deutsch  (New Paltz), & Brandon West, State University of New York at Oswego
This hands-on workshop will give participants the opportunity to directly apply iterative instructional design processes to their information literacy instruction practice.  Participants will be presented with familiar one-shot instructional scenarios.  Following a brief overview of the ADDIE design process they will have an opportunity to apply the 5 elements of ADDIE and create a corresponding instructional plan.  Evaluation will be emphasized as a thread that runs throughout the design process and will be approached through the lens of reflective teaching.  Workshop facilitators will encourage the sharing of effective practices during the workshop and beyond through an informal community of practice.

2:30pm – 4:00pm

W04. Engage Students through Flipped Instruction: A Lesson Creation Lab
Location: Library 0012, Lower Level

Madeline Cohen, Alison Lehner-Quam, & Robin Wright, Lehman College, CUNY
This workshop gives participants an opportunity to create information literacy class lesson plans using flipped classroom techniques and the new ACRL Framework. Participants learn how to use homework and class time to engage students while teaching core research skills. The workshop is conducted as a flipped class, and includes a pre-assignment (, introduction to the ACRL Framework and exploration on how the flipped model supports integration of Framework concepts. The workshop culminates in a small group flipped lesson planning lab and a poster session during which participants discuss each other’s lesson plans, ask questions, and reflect on their flipped learning experience.

W05. Stand Up and Lead or Sit Down
Location: Library 0014, Lower Level

Dorothy Hargett, Regent University
According to a Gallup poll of more than one million employed U.S. Workers, a bad boss or supervisor is the number one reason people leave their jobs.  Employees are dissatisfied with the work environment and the treatment received from their supervisors.  This session will discuss ways library managers can lead during budget cuts and necessary departmental transitions. Learn and discuss the following:

  • How to recognize and evaluate your leadership style
  • At Least five skills that are necessary for successful management
  • Tips on how to develop  effective supervisor/employee relationships
  • Three things to avoid when leading people

W06. Intro to Mobile Apps for Non-Programmers  |  Handout 1,  Handout 2
Location: Library 1004D, First Floor

Elizabeth Jean Brumfield, Prairie View A&M University
Workshop will introduce participants to mobile apps, providing a basic definition, summary and review of the uses in libraries.  The interactive session will include discussions on mobile design and development, with and without using code.  Participants will start their own mobile app and leave motivated to explore more mobile app development options.


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