Never attended a SUNYLA Conference? See if you are eligible for the Daniel F. Kissane Memorial Scholarship.

Attend your first professional conference – all expenses paid!

The SUNY Librarians Association ( invites you to join us at our annual conference in June and to apply for the Daniel F. Kissane Memorial Scholarship, which covers the cost of travel, lodging, registration fees and conference meals.

The conference will be held June 3-5, 2015 on the Purchase College, SUNY campus. The theme of this year’s conference – The Art of Librarianship – reflects the fact that librarianship is not just a profession — it’s an art. Successful librarianship combines professional knowledge, skills, and experience with creativity, curiosity, passion, imagination, and vision.

If you are considering a career in academic librarianship, this is a great opportunity network with a welcoming group of highly collegial and collaborative SUNY Librarians from all over the state, as well as sit in on conference sessions to learn about the current issues and innovations in academic libraries.

The winner may choose to stay on campus (most conference participants take advantage of on-campus housing) or in a hotel (maximum $350.00) and will be provided a liaison to the conference to help settle in and meet people.

To apply, submit an essay of no more than 800 words on the following topic:

Combining what you have learned in your library classes with your experiences as a student using an academic library, please write about a major challenge currently facing libraries and your ideas about meeting that challenge. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Suggested topics: Changing/adding services, utilizing technology, social media, the physical environment, role of librarians, funding, etc.

The essay will be judged on the following criteria:

• Originality and creativity, uniqueness of perspective in answering the question
• Degree to which the question was answered
• Strength of support for the hypothesis or ideas presented
• Overall essay quality

Scholarship site URL:

The essays are due on or before May 8, 2015 and recipients will be notified by May 15, 2015. Send submissions to Kim Myers For more details about the conference visit SUNYLA 2015 Conference website



So have you considered the Sylvia Chu Memorial Scholarship? Conference presenters, a requirement has changed!

Sylvia Chu Memorial Scholarship

Financial assistance is available for new SUNYLA members to attend the annual conference. The Scholarship aims to encourage involvement with SUNYLA and to provide opportunities for professional growth for its members. The Award is a voucher covering: Registration fees, Conference meals, and one pre-conference continuing education session

You qualify if:

  • You have not been a SUNYLA member for more than three consecutive years
  • You have paid current year’s dues
  • You are not a session presenter (poster session presenters and moderators are eligible)

This requirement has been waived for 2015, and will be permanently addressed post conference.

  • You have never received a Sylvia Chu Scholarship

To apply: Please provide a letter (one to two pages) highlighting why attending a SUNYLA conference will benefit your professional development and email it by May 8, 2015 to:  Kim Myers,

The Sylvia Chu Scholarship Committee will review the letters and present awards by May 15, 2015.

To learn more about Sylvia Chu please visit the website.